Junior Airsoft

Junior Airsoft the ultimate birthday party for 10 & 11 year olds!

You can experience the adventure and adrenaline of running around the airsoft game zones, diving from barricades and trenches, playing team based games like Flag Capture, using the trusty M4 assault rifle.

Players aged 10+ can come play at airsoft, where they will receive the latest equipment, including as camo coverall.

What Is Airsoft?

Airsoft is a tactical game of teamwork between 2 opposing teams, suitable for anyone aged 10+!

Each team is given an objective, in which they will need to shoot and eliminate the enemy team.

To eliminate your opposition, all you need to do is hit them anywhere on the body with a BB.

A BB is a small pellet, BB’s do not leave identifiable marks on a player like paintballs do.
Because of this, a player honour system is used during gameplay.

Each game last between 10-30 minutes, and you can expect to play at least 5 games in an average 2 hour session.

How do teams work? – All groups of 3 or more people are split into 2 teams to play against each other. This is to ensure teams are evenly mixed, and a whole group doesn’t end up on the winning, or losing side! Splitting groups into teams is part of our company policy to ensure everyone has a great day!

If you do not want your group to be mixed with other groups then we can offer private sessions for a minimum of 16 people if pre-booked! Or you can book a private game as an extra when booking.

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Junior groups
We now offer juniors players from 10+ in specific junior sessions (we need a minimum of 12 people to book a junior session)

Trained Saftey Marshalls
Our marshals are always on hand to supervise, and uphold fair sportsmanship, as well as making sure everyone has a great time. However our main priority to is ensure everyone plays safely at all times whilst keeping their goggles on.

Protective equipment
Full face masks or goggles must be worn during gameplay to protect your eyes.

What to wear?
Please ensure you wear suitable footwear, no open toes shoes or sandals. We reccomend loose comfortable clothing to wear underneath your coveralls.


2 Hour Session

Not too long and not too short, our instructors ensure the group is completely entertained for a full 2 hours, so you can sit back and grab a cup of coffee!

All groups are mixed in each session we can however offer a private session for an an additional cost or you can book 20 participants to get a free private game.

5 Games
We play 5 games in the 2 hour session, making the best use of the BB’s included in the package.

All inclusive price
In our all inclusive Packages, each person has their own allocation of BB’s included in the airsoft packages.

No Hidden costs
We ensure that there are no hidden extra costs, everything is included in the price!


The following session slots are available for midweek & weekend bookings:

10:00 – 12:00
12:00 – 14:00
14:00 – 16:00

To book a Junior Airsoft session you will need a minimum of 12 players.


Our Crossfire cafe serves Breakfast rolls, Lunch options which include pizza, burgers, dirty fries, chicken breast burgers, hot dogs, and pies, hot and cold drinks, and a whole selection of snacks including cakes, pastries, crisps, chocolate bars and ice creams!
Vegetarian and vegan food options are available.

You can of course purchase food and drinks from our cafe throughout the session, but we always recommend pre-ordering on arrival if you would like food served straight after your Airsoft session.

Please click the link below to view our full food menu.

*Food Allergies: If you have a severe allergy we ask that you contact our office to make alternative arrangements. Our food preparation area is small, so unfortunately we do not have the facilities to prepare hot food in an allergen safe environment for those with severe food allergies.

Crossfire Cafe


What to wear?

We supply all standard equipment, and all-in-one coveralls for the players to wear over the top of their own clothing.
We also supply as standard, full-head goggles that are fitted and checked by our staff to ensure that they fit correctly and safely, and are comfortable to wear.

Junior Airsoft Prices

If you are quoted a better price or package elsewhere please give us the chance to match it!

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